Message from the President

Nuclear Fuel Transport Co., Ltd. ("NFT") stands out as the only company in Japan specializing in the transport of nuclear materials. At the heart of our operation lies the transport of spent fuel from nuclear power plants all over Japan.

These are safely transported to a reprocessing plant run by Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited in Aomori Prefecture. We also transport low-level radioactive waste from these plants and are responsible for land transport of natural UF6 from overseas.

These expert operations require vast knowledge of nuclear materials, as well as transport-related expertise ranging from dedicated vessels to specialized transport vehicles and packagings. Moreover, we have the requisite port capabilities, as well as experience dealing with evolving weather patterns and other marine phenomena.

Leveraging these strengths, we have safely engaged in secure transport for over 40 years. In order to fulfill society's evolving expectations we will take on the transport of new items, including spent fuel to the interim storage facility, radioactive waste from decommissioned nuclear reactors, high-level radioactive waste, and new nuclear fuel made of recycled nuclear materials from spent fuel reprocessing, which will again be used to generate nuclear power.

Building on our abundant experience, we will strive to further enhance our technological capabilities, thereby ensuring safe, efficient transport and fulfilling our responsibility to society.

Placing the utmost priority on safety, we will support nuclear power generation with secure transport, which will in turn carve out new paths to Japan's affluent future.

We ask you for your ongoing support and understanding, as we pursue our mission.

Nuclear Fuel Transport Co.,Ltd.