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A Key Player in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

As a nation with scarce energy resources, Japan struggles with the critical issue of securing a long-term stable supply of energy, perhaps more than any other country in the world. The establishment of a nuclear fuel cycle is vital to the energy security of Japan's future.

Amid signs of steady progress in Japan's nuclear fuel cycle, NFT is recognized by domestic electric power companies and related overseas companies as a key player in Japan's nuclear fuel cycle. As the only company that transports spent nuclear fuel in Japan, we boast a flawless safety record, with no accidents since our foundation. With the advent of a time when large volumes of nuclear fuel are transported, we believe the future holds promise for expanding our role and responsibilities in the nuclear fuel cycle.

  • UF6
  • LLW
  • SF
  • HLW


Fig. Amount of Natural Uranium Hexafluoride TransportedFig. Amount of Low Level Radioactive Waste TransportedFig. Amount of Vitrified Residue Transported

Fig. Amount of Spent Fuel Transported - TokaiFig. Amount of Spent Fuel Transported - Rokkasho